Legal Essentials for Authors and Writers

March 8, 2016

Many writers are focused on writing their books, but do not think about the legal aspects that writers need to understand, protect, and maximize the value of their rights.  This book discusses:

  • What is a Copyright?
  • Why do I, an author, need one?
  • How do I get one?
  • What are the Advantages of Copyright Registration?
  • What is the Fair Use Doctrine and how does it apply to my book?
  • What is a Trademark and how does it apply to my book?
  • Should I have a written contract when dealing with printers, publishing companies, editors, graphic designers, etc.?
  • What is the difference between a Memorandum of Understanding and a Contract?

“Legal Essentials for Authors and Writers” was designed by Attorney Karmen A. Booker with authors and writers in mind.  Be sure to get your Copy NOW – $9.99.


Legal Essential Book Cover




I am an Attorney and Business Consultant.  I have a business consulting firm – Compu-Perfect Professional Services, which has been providing the following services for 20 years:

  • Business Formation (Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Nonprofit Organizations)
  • Contract Drafting and Reviewing
  • Trademark Search and Registration
  • Completion of the 501(c)(3) application for nonprofit organizations
  • Grant Research and Writing
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Editing

To learn more about me and my passion for Businesses and Nonprofits please view my Linkedin profile –

Please call me at (301) 408-1082 so we can discuss how I can help you and those you refer “Move on the Road to Greater Success”.

NOTE Anyone that you refer to us and they engage our services, we will pay you a $50 REFERRAL FEE.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

February 10, 2016

Many people desire to start their own business.  However, they are unaware of the most important ingredient in operating an efficient business. This key ingredient is vital to the very existence and viability of the business – PLANNING.  As a matter of fact, the Small Business Association (SBA) estimates that 80% of start-up businesses fail in the first three (3) years of operation due to the lack of planning.  Therefore, it is crucial to convert your ideas into a Business Plan (action plan).

Compu-Perfect Professional Services is a business-consulting firm that PROVIDES BUSINESS PLANS that have all the essential elements required by the SBA and major funding institutions such as banks, private investors, and credit unions.  Our plans are suitable for:

  • Start-ups
  • Established companies
  • Franchises
  • Nonprofits

Our plans are tailored to different industries, including:

  • Retail
  • Business Services
  • Entertainment
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Food Service
  • Consumer Products
  • Manufacturing companies
  • And many others

Our business plans are designed and written to deliver maximum benefit when presented to the SBA, banks, government lenders, and venture capitalists.

 Contact Karmen A. Booker, Chief Business Consultant for BUSINESS PLAN Services at (301) 408-1082.

 Get $100 Off Business Plan Services!!!   Limited Time Only.  Promotion Ends February 15, 2016!!!

Invite Attorney Karmen A. Booker to Speak

February 10, 2016

Invite Attorney Karmen A. Booker to Speak

Whether business speaking engagements, teaching business and nonprofit-related topics, or coaching people in starting their own business, audiences enjoy learning from Attorney Karmen A. Booker’s unique interactive style.

If you are interested in having Attorney Karmen A. Booker conduct a 2-hour workshop for your church or group, call her at (301) 408-1082.

Topics include:

Positioning You to Flow In Your Purpose         $45.00/participant
Exploring Your God-given Gifts
*   Exploring Your Passions and Personality
*   What are Spiritual Gifts
*   Types of Spiritual Gifts
*   Exploring My Design for Giftedness
*   Heart of the Servant

Positioning You to Take Over the Marketplace via Biblical   $45.00/participant
Step 1 – How to Obtain a Vision for Your Business

Step 2 –  How to Hear From God

Step 3 – How to Overcome Obstacles – the Fear of Failure and the Fear of Rejection

Step 4 – The Different Types of Business Entities and Selecting the Best One for your Business

Step 5 – How to Develop a Business Plan

Step 6 –  How to Select a Name for Your Business and Other Business Essentials

Step 7 – Tax Tips for Your Home Business

How to Start and Manage a Nonprofit Organization    $45.00/participant

*   Benefits of Establishing a Nonprofit Organization
*   How to Recruit Board Members
*   Effective Nonprofit Board Leadership
*   Does Your Nonprofit need a Fundraising Breakthrough? 

Seminars and Workshops have been appreciated by:

  • Women’s Entrepreneur Expo – Joan Henry
  • Those Preaching Women Conference -Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church
  • Women’s Conference – Purpose of Christ Ministries
  • Holy Mountain International Ministries
  • Black Writers’ Guild of Maryland
  • Black MBA Association

Radio Show Guest Appearances include:

  • Janice Albokai – The Voice of Small Business
  • Loretta Faith Harris – Loretta Faith Harris Show
  • Gene and Danita Johnson – God’s Power Community
  • Lougenia Rucker -Divine Diamond Ministries
  • Janice Albokai – The Voice of Small Business
  • Pat Council – Designing Your Life Today
  • Barbara Koroma – E.Y.E.S.

Speaker’s Background

Karmen A. Booker is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. She attended school there, and later attended Howard University where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Juris Doctor Degree.

Mrs. Booker is a Business / Nonprofit Attorney and the Chief Consultant for Compu-Perfect Professional Compu-Perfect is a consulting firm that specializes in corporate, limited liability company, and nonprofit entity formations, 501(c)(3) tax exemption applications, copyright registration, trademark search and registration, patent registration, grant research and writing services, and asset protection services.

Mrs. Booker has 20 years experience writing contracts and business plans, forming business entities (Corporations, LLC’s, and Nonprofit Organizations), 501(c)(3) tax exemption, copyright/trademark registration, contract drafting and reviewing, and grant research and writing services. She also has 20 years editing experience.

Compu-Perfect offers you uncompromised professional business services that are designed to meet your vision and specialized goals at reasonable costs. Thereby, Moving You on the Road to Greater Business Success.

List of Services and Products

  • Business Formation (Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) and Nonprofit Organizations)
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Contract Drafting and Reviewing
  • Trademark Search and Registration
  • Patent Registration
  • Completion of the 501(c)(3) application for nonprofit organizations
  • Grant Research and Writing


“Biblical Entrepreneurship”
“Entrepreneurship is for You” 
“Business Tips”

“The Nonprofit Board”
“Board Chair Manual”
“Board Development Handbook”
“Nonprofit Sample Templates”
“Fundraising for Nonprofits”
“How to Hold Successful Fundraising Events”


“Compu-Perfect is a professionally run, no non-sense business committed to providing superb services in a timely fashion. The owner, Karmen Booker, is an attorney with high moral and business standards. She has a wealth of knowledge, her work is truly her mission and I highly recommend all who need her services.”

Joseph Gaskins, The Biz Center, Inc.


“Compu-Perfect Professional Services is excellent. There expertise in the nonprofit arena is on point. They walk their clients through the process from start to finish. They also inform their clients on current documents that need to be updated/amended. I enjoy working with Karmen Booker. She has great follow-up skills, and listens to her client.”

Angela McKnight, Angela Cares, Inc.

“Compu-Perfect has helped my ministry get all of its nonprofit documentation in order. They are very reliable and timely in providing services.”

 Pastor Peterson Koroma, Foundation of Life Evangelical Ministries


“My experience with Compu-Perfect has been very professional. I am happy to say that they made good on timelines and stated promises in a very fashionable way. I would gladly recommend their services to anyone.”

Brian Pruitt, Power of Dad, Inc.

“Excellent service for all of your business and professional needs. Very timely and committed to the completion of the job at hand.”

Charlotte Bynum, House of Refuge for Hurting Women, Inc.


Book Karmen for:

Business Expos * Conferences  *   Retreats   * Community Events * Youth Programs  * Business Meetings/Trainings


Karmen A. Booker


Benefits of Trademarks

June 10, 2015

Your brand is your identity and an important part of your marketing strategy. Having a federally registered trademark increases your credibility in your market, and enables you to prevent others from using your mark or a mark similar to yours in a manner that could harm your business.  The Benefits of Trademark Registration are:

  • Federally registered trademarks are protected throughout the United States rather than in one state.
  • Federal registration provides evidence that you own your trademark.  If you ever sue someone for trademark infringement, this fact will save you a great deal of time and legal fees.
  • You will be able to file suit in federal court rather than state court.
  • As an owner of a federally registered trademark, you are entitled to “treble damages”, which means you can recover three times your actual damages from the trademark infringer.
  • You may also be able to recover any profits that the defendant earned while infringing your trademark, as well as any attorneys fees you incur during litigation.
  • Federal registration provides nationwide “constructive notice” to others that the registered trademark belongs to you. If your trademark is infringed, the infringer cannot defend his conduct by arguing he did not know about your trademark.
  • After five years, federally registered trademarks become “incontestable”.  That is, your exclusive right to use the trademark is conclusively established, making it extremely difficult for another party to challenge your trademark.
  • Your trademark rights can last indefinitely, as long as you comply with the necessary procedures for renewing your trademark.


The process of trademark and design registration doesn’t need to be expensive or confusing. Karmen A. Booker of Compu-Perfect Professional Services can make the registration applications on your behalf, and we can provide full support issues such as:

  • Advice on suitability and registrability of names, logos and designs
  • Searches against intended names and logos and checking on availability
  • Advice on selecting appropriate classes of goods and services for registration

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Karmen A. Booker is an Attorney, Business Consultant and Chief Consultant for Compu-Perfect Professional Services, a business consulting firm specializing in business incorporation, establishing limited liability companies, contract drafting & reviewing, and more.  CALL ATTORNEY BOOKER at (301) 408-1082.

She is the author of “Entrepreneurship is for You”, that solves the problem of “not knowing how to start a business”. It is a comprehensive guide for starting and operating an efficient business. It discusses the 7-step process for operating your business:

The 1st Step in Starting a Business 

(You Must Have a Vision)

The 2nd Step in Starting a Business 

(The Roadmap to Success – Setting Goals)

 The 3rd Step in Starting a Business 

(Is Entrepreneurship for You Self Assessment)

 The 4th Step in Starting a Business 

(The 4 Major Types of Business Entities & How to Select the Best One for You)

The 5th Step in Starting a Business 

(How to Develop a Business Plan)

The 6th Step in Starting a Business

(How to Select a Name for Your Business and Other Business Essentials)

The 7th Step in Starting a Business

(Tax Tips for Your Home Business)

BONUS: Includes the following:

  • Entrepreneurship Self Assessment Survey
  • 38+ Best Home-based Businesses You Can Start
  • Business Websites and Resources

Entrepreneurship is For You Cover






The Power Source for the Kingdom-Minded Entrepreneur

March 7, 2015

The kingdom-minded entrepreneur must study the Word of God to gain knowledge of biblical principles that will transform your life and business.

The Power Source for the Kingdom=minded Entrepreneur is a powerful book that includes 91 biblical scriptures that are designed to impact the kingdom-minded entrepreneur’s business and position you to takeover the marketplace.

God’s Word, when spoken out in faith, waters your seeds. The Word does not return void, but prospers in whatever it is spoken over.

The principle of confessing the Word of God is powerful. The Greek word for “confess” is homologeo, which means to speak the same thing; to agree with; assert; to declare; to profess; to declare openly; to speak out freely.

It is very important to align your words (seeds) with the Word of God because there is power in words. As you water the words (seeds) with the Word of God, you will reap an abundant harvest.


Get YOUR COPY NOW – $5.00

Power Source Book cover


Asset Protection

February 25, 2015

A New Lawsuit is Filed every 30 Seconds!

 An estimated 50,000 lawsuits are filed each day.

If you own a business or practice a profession,

you have 1 in 3 chances of being named a defendant in a lawsuit.

Protect Your Assets by Buying our Step-by-Step ASSET PROTECTION KIT

 How Does Asset Protection Work?

Asset protection is a way of transferring assets into legal structures where your ownership interest is shielded or made invisible or it is turned into a control interest.

Why Do I Need to Protect Assets?

If you lose your assets – your accounts, cash, cars, real estate – you lose your financial lifestyle and security.  You may view your home as nothing more than a house.   Asset protection allows you to maintain your financial lifestyle.  It provides you peace of mind that your nest egg will still be there when you retire and need it.

Putting asset protection into place will protect you from harm and will prevent or discourage lawsuits.  Lawyers get 40% of what they can take from you by way of judgment.  If you have no exposed assets, lawyers and their clients gain no financial advantage by suing you.

Protect Your Assets by Buying our Step-by-Step ASSET PROTECTION KIT!!!

Special Discount – $795.00 (Save $200.00)




Asset Protection AD

Positioning You to Take Over the Marketplace via Biblical Entrepreneurship

January 19, 2015

Business Seminar Church  Flyer

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