Biblical Entrepreneurship

“Biblical Entrepreneurship” is a workbook written by Attorney Karmen A. Booker, solves the problem of “not knowing how to start a business”. It is a comprehensive guide for starting and operating an efficient business. It discusses the 7-step process for operating your business GOD’S WAY:

Step 1 – How to Obtain a Vision for Your Business

Step 2 – How to Hear From God

Step 3 – How to Overcome Obstacles – the Fear of Failure and the Fear of Rejection

Step 4 – The Different Types of Business Entities and Selecting the Best One for your Business

Step 5 – How to Develop a Business Plan

Step 6 –  How to Select a Name for Your Business and Other Business Essentials

Step 7 – Tax Tips for Your Home Business







“Your book is definitely a must read so that you can gain comprehensive knowledge about operating your business God’s Way.”

Bishop Abraham Mitchum

“I highly recommend that you read this book.  Read it and reread it, then share it with friends and family.  You will be blessed, they will be blessed, and others will be blessed because of the benefits that you have learned in this book!”

Willey Jolley, Author of “A Setback is a Setup for a Come Back”


“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Biblical Entrepreneurship because it helped me to see the importance of having a vision for your business, and fulfilling the vision that God has given you.”

Dr. Robert Wilson


“It was truly a blessing to know how to do business the way the Lord has planned for us.  Thank you for letting us know that prosperity through Christ is the only way to succeed.  Your book is a great mentoring tool for those just starting out in business.”

Anna Towns, Attorney at Law

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  1. Donna Sneed says:

    Awesome Stuff… Gotta share this!

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    Great web site. Plenty of useful info here.
    I’m sending it to some buddies. Thanks to your effort!

  3. For more information on Planning and Writing Your Business Plan, purchase my book, Biblical Entrepreneurship

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    Great facts With thanks.

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    Terrific information. Kudos!

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    You revealed that terrifically!

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    Cheers. I value it!

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