5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Internet Business

One thing that I see a lot of in internet marketing is the vast amount of money businesses leave on the table. They could be making a lot more sales if they follow a few simple steps that can make a big difference in the bottom line. So how do you make more sales and get more repeat customers buying from you over and over like they can’t seem to get enough of your products.

Making more sales with less effort

1.     One of the biggest mistakes online marketers make after they sell a product is to leave their new customer hanging. Follow up is a very important part of repeat sales. You need to have a way to collect your customers contact information in a system that can email them after they have made a purchase. Sending them information on the product they just bought is a great place to start.

2.     Another thing that I see omitted far too often is the use of the opportunity to up sell another product after a customer has gone through the sales process. Your Thank-You page is the perfect place to add an offer to an upgrade or another product that will compliment the one they just purchased. I don’t know how many internet marketers will leave thousands of dollars on the table by forgetting to do this little step.

3.     I have found that giving an incentive to refer friends is a great way to get new business. You could offer a rebate or even a full reimbursement if your customer can refer 4 or 5 new people into your sales funnel. You would be surprised at how many new sales you can get by giving people a reason to spread the word.

4.     One of the fastest ways to see your business grow without you having to do any extra work is offering an affiliate program. There are a lot of online marketers looking for items they can add to their websites or offers they can use to monetize their list. Some list owners would be more than happy to join your affiliate program to earn an extra income from sending your offers to their subscribers.

5.     By staying in contact with your customers you can have them eating out of your hands. It is wise to continue to email your list with free offers and information pertaining to the item they purchased off of you. The chance of them buying from you again increases considerably if you have been feeding them valuable information and free gifts along the way.

Remember that the more value you offer people, the more likely they will buy from you. People are much more likely to purchase from someone they know and trust than from a complete stranger.

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Karmen A. Booker is an Attorney, Business Consultant and Chief Consultant for Compu-Perfect Professional Services, a business consulting firm specializing in business incorporation, establishing limited liability companies, contract drafting & reviewing, and more.  CALL  ATTORNEY  BOOKER  at  (301) 408-1082. View her website at www.compuperfect.net

She is also the author of Biblical Entrepreneurship”. This book includes seven (7) vital steps to starting your business and detailed information on the legal requirements involved based on her experience as an attorney.   This book is available for online purchase at www.kbooker.wordpress.com


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