Support a Youth Entrepreneur

Youth for Christ — Young Entrepreneur

Ruth Booker is raised in a loving Christian environment.  At the age of 14, Ruth understands the importance of living a Christian Life, and began spreading the encouragement through her creative artwork.  With the same entrepreneurial spirit as her mom, she launched Ruth’s Craft Shop, where she sells uniquely decorated trinket boxes, clay pots with gorgeous silk flowers, and handmade crocheted scarves.

Ruth Booker wants to send the message that you can start a business at any age. At a time when many youth are caving into peer pressure or facing many challenges, Ruth is gaining invaluable experience and skills that will stay with her for a lifetime.  She welcomes the opportunity to make a difference, and become an inspiration to other young entrepreneurs. By spreading hope and joy though her crafts, Ruth relays to other youth that God’s love is ever present, and that they too can get involved, get active, and start on their own journey to entrepreneurship.

Her crafts are an inspirational way to share a gift with a friend, a holiday greeting to a loved one, or a Get Well message to someone in the hospital.  “Everyone can send flowers, but why not send something original and unique with a message of inspiration and hope.” The gifted handiwork is left to her talented hands.


You can support Ruth by becoming a Marketing Representative for her craft products.

CALL (301) 408-1082 or via email –

See the following Marketing Representative Flyer for more details.


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