5 Hiring Mistakes

Following is a list of good hiring tips.   Avoiding hiring pitfalls helps you.  The good thing is there are some hard and fast hiring rules startups should follow. Most hiring issues occur as a result of looking to keep costs down or not having a clear vision about what the business is and where it’s going.  However, cutting corners in the hiring process now can mean trouble for the business later. To avoid trouble, here are seven hiring mistakes many startups make:

1.     Hiring someone because you know them. You should never hire friends, former co-workers, or family members, because there needs to be a certain sense of expectation to be treated differently rather than conforming to a standard of objectivity and accountability

2.     Hiring someone to “help them out.” Never hire someone to “help them out”.  Make sure they have the requisite education and skills for the position, and who is willing to go the extra mile.  If you hire someone just to help them out, they could be a liability rather than an asset.

3.     Bringing on a Partner. Bringing on a partner, can be a disadvantage for these reasons:

  • Business does not generate enough income to pay the Partner 50% of the net profits.
  • Partner may not have entrepreneurial characteristics such as self-motivation, flexibility, perseverance.

As an alternative, you should outsource projects or work on a fee basis.

4.     Hiring A “Jack of all Trades”. Businesses need to be staffed with people who are specialists.  Instead of hiring one person to do the marketing and administrative work, hire 2 people for these positions. Therefore, they can focus on fulfilling specific specialized duties, rather than trying to do too many thins and not getting much accomplished.  Most people don’t’ have the skills to do a variety of jobs.

5.     Clearly defined Job Descriptions. Just hiring for the sake of hiring, or hiring a generalist to bring some order to your internal chaos, is not a hiring strategy – it’s a move toward chaos.  Have clearly defined roles for any new hires. Not only will you avoid hiring a non-productive person in an ill-defined role, you’ll start attracting people who will add real value to their role and your operation

Hiring is all about finding the right skills, personalities and attitudes to fit your overall vision and mission for your company. Abiding by these parameters will help you make quality hiring decisions, which will undoubtedly enhance the efficiency of your business

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Karmen A. Booker is an Attorney, Business Consultant and Chief Consultant for Compu-Perfect Professional Services, a business consulting firm specializing in business incorporation, establishing limited liability companies, contract drafting & reviewing, and more.  CALL ATTORNEY BOOKER at (301) 408-1082.

She is also the author of “Business Tips” Report where you will discover tips that will put you on the Road to Business Success, Tips for creating and implementing a marketing plan, and more. This report and other books she has authored are available for online purchase at http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=787975


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