21 Tips for the Entrepreneur

Are you ready to become an entrepreneur and be your own boss? I have identified 21 tips that will help you.

1.     Don’t work for less. Offer a discount to customers or clients who sign contracts with you, but do not work for less than you can afford.

2.     Find People Who Will Refer Customers to You.

3.     Surround Yourself with Supportive People and Don’t be Discouraged by Anyone. If your idea is good and you’re determined to stick with it through the first few years, your chances of success are great

4.     Be Flexible in Your Thinking. Prepare to change the way you work, the products you use and the services you offer, in order to meet the demands of your customers.

5.     Admit Your Mistakes, Correct them and Carry On. For example, if you purchase a piece of equipment that does not meet your expectations, send it back, sell it or exchange it!

6.     Develop a Good Relationship with your Bank Manager and Creditors. Show a genuine interest in solving problems. Pay everyone whom you owe money.

7.     Get Trained! You’ll be spending a lot of time doing things that have nothing to do with your area of expertise, such as bookkeeping and marketing.

8.     Separate Your Work and Personal Life. Set your working hours and stick to a strict timetable. When you’re not available to clients, leave a message on your answer machine letting them know when they can expect a reply from you.

9.     Plan ‘Thinking Time’ into Everyday. If you pack your diary with back-to-back activities, your business will never grow.

10.  Plan time to do something you enjoy at least a few times a week in order to recharge your batteries!

11.  Write a business plan so you’re clear about what your plan of action and that you are achieving the short term and long term goals in your business plan.

12.  Develop an excellent telephone manner and react quickly to any complaints or problems.

13.  Never lose sight of the big picture. Look for innovative, yet-to-be explored directions in which to take your business.

14.  Solicit advice from people who know other entrepreneurs and reputable small business advisers.

15.  Don’t enter a business or a venture that you know nothing about. You’ll be running to catch up for the rest of your business life.

16.  Develop an existing, loyal customer base.

17.  Focus on a specific goal and work at it until it’s achieved.

18.  Never worry about how to get things done when you are first developing your idea.  Money and resources will come together once you have set your goals and begun to work at them.

19. Make quality in every aspect of your business your primary focus and aim.

20.  Use the Internet. Use email. Build a website.  Send out email newsletters, and register your site with all the major search engines.

21.  Delegate. You might have to hire a good Personal Assistant or marketing professional to ensure you’ll be profitable in the future.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Karmen A. Booker is an Attorney, Business Consultant and Chief Consultant for Compu-Perfect Professional Services, a business consulting firm specializing in business incorporation, establishing limited liability companies, contract drafting & reviewing, and more.  CALL ATTORNEY BOOKER at

(301) 408-1082. View her website at www.compuperfect.net

She is also the author of “Business Tips” Report where you will discover tips that will put you on the Road to Business Success, Tips for creating and implementing a marketing plan, and more. This report and other books she has authored are available for online purchase at www.kbooker.wordpress.com by clicking on the respective report and book covers on the right sidebar of the blog site.


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