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December 21, 2013

The business world is constantly moving faster and becoming more competitive as time goes on.   Having a Business Consultant is no longer a luxury, but  a necessity.

To help your business thrive…

* A Business Consultant will be able to give a fresh perspective about your business, which in turn will help your company move in a direction that will yield optimum efficiency
* A Business Consultant will Help you Map out a lucrative plan for the future.

* A Business Consultant will evaluate your company

* A Business Consultant will identify problem areas and help you design solutions that will correct or eliminate these problem areas.

* A Business Consultant will help the business owner have more time to devote to other business aspects such as product development and employee training, which will in turn help alleviate some of the stress of day-to-day business activities and procedures.

* A Business Consultant will listen.

A BUSINESS CONSULTANT will help you make your dreams come true.  Attorney Karmen A. Booker has a business / nonprofit consulting firm – Compu-Perfect Professional Services, which has been providing the following services for 18 years:

  • Business formation (Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) and Nonprofit Organizations)
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Contract Drafting and Reviewing
  • Trademark Search and Registration
  • Completion of the 501(c)(3) application for nonprofit organizations
  • Grant Research and Writing


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Benefits of Filing Provisional Patent Application

August 14, 2013

There are several reasons why you may want to file a provisional patent application before filing a full non-provisional patent application.

A provisional patent application is quick

Whereas a full patent application (non-provisional) takes a professional several weeks to properly draft, a provisional patent application can often be filed within 1 day. A quick filing allows you to obtain an early filing date for your invention. Filing dates are often used to establish who was first to invent something.

A provisional patent application is relatively inexpensive

A provisional patent application is considerably less expensive compared to a quality non-provisional patent application, which can cost thousands of dollars.  The provisional application still allows you to secure a filing date for your invention as you gather the capital necessary for a quality full patent application.

A provisional patent application gives you 12 months to determine the potential of your invention.

If you are not yet certain you wish to protect your invention, a provisional patent can first lock in your filing date for 12 months, should you decide to use that date later on for a full patent application. Within these 12 months, you can market your idea to companies, manufacturers or establish your business plan. Should you conclude that your invention is worth protecting, you can then submit a full patent application, which can claim the filing date of your provisional patent application.

A provisional patent application immediately gives “Patent Pending” status.

Having the legal term “Patent Pending” on your invention can be extremely valuable because first, it serves as a deterrent to people who may want to mimic your invention. Placing the term “Patent Pending” on your invention communicates to others that an official claim has already been placed on the invention and could lead to eventual protection by patent rights. Second, it serves as a marketing term to show customers that your invention is unique and steps have been taken to protect that uniqueness.


Contact Karmen A. Booker to help you file your Provisional Patent Application Now – (301) 408-1082.

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January 16, 2013

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