Legal Essentials for Authors and Writers

March 8, 2016

Many writers are focused on writing their books, but do not think about the legal aspects that writers need to understand, protect, and maximize the value of their rights.  This book discusses:

  • What is a Copyright?
  • Why do I, an author, need one?
  • How do I get one?
  • What are the Advantages of Copyright Registration?
  • What is the Fair Use Doctrine and how does it apply to my book?
  • What is a Trademark and how does it apply to my book?
  • Should I have a written contract when dealing with printers, publishing companies, editors, graphic designers, etc.?
  • What is the difference between a Memorandum of Understanding and a Contract?

“Legal Essentials for Authors and Writers” was designed by Attorney Karmen A. Booker with authors and writers in mind.  Be sure to get your Copy NOW – $9.99.


Legal Essential Book Cover




I am an Attorney and Business Consultant.  I have a business consulting firm – Compu-Perfect Professional Services, which has been providing the following services for 20 years:

  • Business Formation (Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Nonprofit Organizations)
  • Contract Drafting and Reviewing
  • Trademark Search and Registration
  • Completion of the 501(c)(3) application for nonprofit organizations
  • Grant Research and Writing
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Editing

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3 Secrets to Creating an Author Website that Sells Books

December 17, 2013

Many authors struggle with marketing their book effectively so that it leads to sales. Simply having a website with pretty pictures and basic content is not enough these days. Visitors to your site expect more and rightly so. Here are three secrets to having an author website that performs:

Secret Tip #1: Focus On Your Visitors -Not Yourself
.  Although your website is about you, visitors are looking for what’s in it for them. Place content on your site that adds value or solves a problem for the visitor. Providing details so that your potential audience gets to know you better is important, but keep in mind that the reason for visiting your site is purely selfish. Providing free downloads of sample chapters of your book can be valuable content that keeps them engaged with your brand.

Secret Tip #2: Gather Visitor Contact Information 
Collecting email addresses of your website’s visitors is a smart move. Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks are awesome for communicating, but email is still the most effective means of selling to an audience or informing them of your latest book release. Offering a free download of valuable content is the best way to encourage a visitor to share their email info.

Secret Tip #3: Engage Visitors With Video
 Video embedded on your site’s homepage is proven to help your site’s search engine rankings. Another immediate benefit is that video engages your audience powerfully, and can reach them in a way mere words cannot. Consider posting a video of yourself discussing key points about your book, or answering reader questions. Creating such interesting video content will help build your brand, engage your audience at a deeper level, and sell more books.

Employing these simple tips can really help your author website shine and be more effective in the book selling process. I have partnered with a company that designs websites specifically for authors, and will integrate these secrets in YOUR WEBSITE so you will enjoy more engaged visitors that keep coming back for more.  As you put them in place, you will enjoy more engaged visitors that keep coming back for more.

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